Minecraft mud


Minecraft mud

Although it won't arrive until 2022 there is plenty of excitement for Minecraft's 1.19 Update, also known as The Wild Update.

Although there's not much information on the update, Minecraft players are eager to learn more. Some minor details were added to the game, including mangrove swamps, deep dark biomes, and other features. This includes the installation of mud blocks as well as a renewable source for clay.

Mojang has used mud in media, both in its base form as well as in the capacity of mud bricks or structures made from it.

Minecraft: Mud in the Wild Update

Although there aren't many details yet about mud blocks, there are some interesting tidbits. As expected, mud will naturally spawn in swamp biomes. It is also renewable, so players have plenty of mud to choose from.

To make mud, players can add water from a bottle to standard dirt blocks. You can also use the above-mentioned renewable source of clay by placing mud blocks over dripstone blocks. This will allow you to strain the water into clay.

This seems like a natural next step, as dripstone is already used in Minecraft's current builds to funnel resources.

Players can also choose to use mud brick blocks. They join a list of brick-based blocks that includes stone, clay, and nether brick blocks. These blocks will be made from mud blocks and allow players to create new decoration possibilities and diversify their structures.

The mud bricks can be used in conjunction with other earthy blocks, which will allow Minecraft players to build structures like mud huts and other creations made from the ground.

In the real world, ancient civilizations used cement mud to build buildings. Minecraft players have the potential to do the same.

The Minecraft community is known for using all blocks available to build amazing buildings and monuments. Mud and mud bricks will only enhance the players' abilities.