How to unlock blacksmith in Minecraft dungeons


How to unlock blacksmith in Minecraft dungeons

The blacksmith is able to upgrade a hero's gear at a cost of emeralds.

To unlock the Blacksmith's abilities in Minecraft Dungeons, heroes must first free him. This is done by playing the story of the game, though newer players might not know the names and locations of NPCs from camps and how they can be unlocked.

Given Minecraft Dungeons' popularity, including the recent additions of Seasonal Adventures like Cloudy Climb and the Ultimate Edition, it's worth looking back at how to unlock basic NPCs such as the Blacksmith.

Players will need access to the Redstone Mines in order to get the blacksmith to their camp in Minecraft Dungeons. This is the fifth level in the game. Players will find the Arch-Illager's blacksmith, who is hiding behind a mask. The location of the blacksmith is not set as Minecraft Dungeons stages are randomly laid out.

You should thoroughly explore the area surrounding the redstone mines to find the blacksmith. It shouldn't take long. Once he is released, he will be available for any player to unlock and start dispensing the upgrade service for those who have the emeralds. The world of Minecraft Dungeons can be harsh, so an honest NPC must make it through.

The Creeping Winter update was not yet available. Previously, the blacksmith sold armor and weapon sets that were close to their power levels for a sum equivalent to emeralds. The Creeper Woods level was required to earn the blacksmith. The Creeping Winter update saw the blacksmith reworked in order to upgrade gear. It was also able to sell random gear to the mystery merchant.

The blacksmith is still the best source for upgrading items in Minecraft Dungeons, even after its recent rework. While it is important to earn better and more valuable items, it can be beneficial to upgrade the gear that a player has.