How to protect your home in Minecraft


How to protect your home in Minecraft

Many Minecrafters consider their home base to be their most valuable possession. It is where they keep their valuable items, go to sleep, and keep their posts. A base can be easily destroyed by hostile mobs or enemy players.

Protection is an important priority because of the vulnerability of the base. A base that is pillaged or destroyed by a creeper is the last thing players want to see. Griefed bases are a common outcome on multiplayer Minecraft servers. Players need to take precautions to protect their property.

Although it is difficult to defend the base from enemy players, it can be easier to defend against mobs.

5) Use walls

The idea behind walls was to keep enemies out of the base. It has evolved to be a decorative block over time. Walls are an inexpensive way to keep monsters out of a base.

If you look closely, players may notice that the wall is shorter than a block. Surprisingly, a wall can be two blocks high. It will prove difficult for players or mobs trying to jump it. To keep monsters away, surround your base with walls.

4) Add barrier

Although walls are effective at their job, they can be ugly when left alone. There are many other blocks that mobs cannot touch, just like walls. To keep mobs away, players can create a border around their base with blocks such as lava, berrybushes, cactus and magma blocks.

Blocks that can be used to hurt mobs can be used by players to create barriers for their base. They are prevented from taking any damage by the algorithm of mobs.

3) Keep cats, wolves and dogs

Two of the most popular pet-type mobs in Minecraft are cats and wolves. Both are easy to manage. Mobs of bones, such as skeletons and strays, are afraid of wolves, and will flee if they see one. For some unknown reason, creepers are also afraid of cats.

You can keep cats and wolves at your base, as well as other areas to repel creepers and skeletons. Wither and creeper skeleton farms also allow cats and wolves to be kept.

2) Use traps

Redstone is an amazing feature in Minecraft. Redstone allows players to create some amazing contraptions. Redstone can be used to make traps for any enemy that visits their base. You will find many practical and fun traps in the video.

1) Iron golem, snow golem

Iron and snow golems can be used to defend bases against monsters. They automatically attack the most hostile mobs. Iron golems are melee attackers because they have high health. Snow golems, on the other hand, have ranged attacks and low health.

To attack their enemies from a safe distance, players can summon snow golems onto towers. Iron golems can be tanky and have high attack power. They eventually lose their health and need to be healed by players.