Buried Treasures


Buried Treasures

Minecraft's mechanics represent the best example of how a survival-game should look and work, but there are many other aspects that players can explore and enjoy. There are many structures in Minecraft that allow players to discover new things and also provide valuable loot.

Some structures found in the game can only be found underground in caves. These structures include mineshafts, strongholds, and other underground structures. While Buried Treasures are also underground, they can only be found buried under sand, and have the possibility to be completely submerged in water.

Buried Treasure is found in biomes near primary water sources like oceans. This description is matched by three biomes: the Stony Shore biome (Bedrock Edition only), Beach and Snowy Beach biomes.

With the help of “Explorer Maps,” players can find ways to access Buried Treasure structures.

These maps can be found in chests under the seafloor or shipwrecks. These maps can also be bought from the Cartographer villager, which costs 13 emeralds each and one compass.

This article will discuss the contents of Buried Treasure chests, and how they can all be used.

The most sought-after item in a Buried Treasure chest's contents is the “Heart of the Sea.” This chest is the only place where the Heart of the Sea is found. It is therefore very rare.

Heart of the Sea can be used to build a “Conduit”, which gives the player various underwater status effects, such as Haste (faster underwater swimming), Night Vision (underwater only) and Water Breathing. This is a great tool for underwater construction, fighting hostile mobs, and looking for more Buried Treasure boxes.

Potential items for a Buried Treasure Chest

Almost all of the items on the above list (Except for Heart of the Sea or Prismarine crystals) can be found quite frequently. Although it can be difficult to find Buried Treasure in Minecraft, it will reward you with valuable resources and items when you do.

Each Buried Treasure chest has a 100% chance of receiving the Heart of the Sea. You can also make beautiful, luminous Sea Lantern blocks with Prismarine crystals.

- Heart of the sea
- Gold Ingot
- Iron Ingot
- Cooked Cod
- Potion of Water Breathing
- Leather Tunic
- Iron Sword
- Cooked Salmon
- Diamond
- Emerald
- Prismarine Crystals