Minecraft Java Edition will require a Microsoft account

Mojang was acquired by Microsoft six years ago. Minecraft: Java Edition is still a distinct version of the Windows 10/Bedrock version. If you’re looking to modify Minecraft, the Java Edition is the best way to go. It’s also the only way to get pre-release snapshots (basically betas of upcoming content). However, things will change with the announcement that the Java Edition will require a Microsoft account by 2021.

Mojang announces all the positive changes that the new account system will bring about: chat and invitation blocking, two-factor authentication and parental controls. Mojang assures that Java’s benefits won’t disappear: you can still create mods and skins, and you can still play with other Java versions. However, online play between Java and Bedrock players won’t be affected by the account transfer.

Java users who are not yet Java-savvy will have to undergo the mandatory transition by 2021. You’ll be given a cape after you have been successfully transitioned. This will occur in batches. For Java beginners, they will be asked to set up a Microsoft account instead of a Mojang account. This FAQ covers most aspects of the process.